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Sunday, August 1, 2010

To Be Discharged Today

First, I apologize for not posting pictures.  The problem now is the hospital's internet speed - the blog's upload utility times out when trying to upload a picture.  I will be able to post pictures once we get home tonight.

Stacie is doing a lot better.  She learned she was anemic so they are giving her extra iron supplements.  She was able to get a shower in, but half-way through I had to come in and rescue her.  She just ran out of energy.  But now she's off the pitocin and pain medicine, and she's able to sit up and walk around on her own.  We did wheel her over to the NICU yesterday so she could see Jonah for the first time since birth and went over again together late last night.  Also, the lactation specialist stopped by yesterday afternoon and gave Stacie the 101 on pumping.  Her first pump was successful, and because the NICU nurses say that stuff is like gold , we're bringin' every drop over to them.

Jonah is still doing good.  He finally got the TPN last night and was able to enjoy his first meal.  They did more tests yesterday: ultrasounds on the brain, kidneys and liver.  It's all about a head to toe analysis before heading into surgery.  We might not get the results until tomorrow.  We are guessing surgery will happen on Thursday, but Jonah needs to stay stable and there's still lots of testing and monitoring to do.

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