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Sunday, August 1, 2010

More Pics

We stopped by the NICU before being discharged at 8:30pm.  We both felt a little sorrow leaving and saying "good bye".  I guess we took it for granted being just down the hall from him...he just felt "close by".  So it was an odd feeling leaving the hospital.  As I pulled the car up to pick up Stacie, I saw another discharged new mom in a wheel chair, but she was holding her baby.  I know the hospital isn't a hotel and we can't stay forever, but it's difficult to know your leaving your son behind, you walk into your quiet home,  then you pass by Jonah's bedroom and the crib is empty.  We are just taking comfort that he is with a team that can take better care of him than we can.  And we can celebrate the magnificant labor & delivery and his good health so far.  One other good thing about being home is we can finally transfer our pictures!! 



  1. What a beautiful boy!! Sending lots of love & prayers your way-- JoAnn

  2. OMG! The pictures are all so beautiful! Jonah looks like a very strong boy. Thank you for sharing. Best wishes to all of you.

  3. Jonah,

    You are so beautiful I can hardly believe it! Of course, it's cause you take after your parents. You have your mom's nose and your dad's eyes - and they are obviously so excited to have you out in the world! You keep fighting, little man. You are already blowing everyone out of the water with your strength and I know the rest of your life will be no different.


  4. What a beautiful child!! Praise God for the way he looks so perfect, and Praise Him again for modern medicine that saw before he was born that he would need some extra help! We are pulling for you sweet baby Jonah! Welcome to the world!

  5. What a strong and handsome little man! My thoughts and prayers are with you as a family, Gods strength will carry you through. Jonah is so fortunate to have such wonderful parents to provide him with the best of care!

    -Stacie, I loved seeing the pictures with you in them as well! I have missed my favorite nurse!! You look beautiful! =)