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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Almost Home

Quick update.  We know it's been a few days since our last post, but mom and dad are exhausted (and Jonah's not even here yet).  We were anticipating moving downstairs to the "step down" unit today.  We had our bags packed and were all ready to settle Jonah into his new room.  Once there, the nurses are less hands on and expect the parents to take on more responsibility, including overnight care.  Jonah's daily routine consists of feedings, medications, therapy sessions, diaper changes and getting held by mom and dad - so definitely not enough to warrant ICU status!

So we waited around until after 9pm when they finally told us that there was not going to be an available room for Jonah tonight.  "Our" plan is that we move downstairs early tomorrow and be dicsharged on Friday early evening.  The next couple days will consist of a lot of teaching and training (NG tube placement, CPR, medication administration, car seat challenge, etc), so if we can pass all of their tests, maybe there is a chance we could all be home for the weekend! 

Since the last post, he's off the oxygen completely and had the central IV pulled. Just a few days ago I needed a calculator to count the number of tubes and wires connected to him, however as of tonight he only had 3 (NG tube and two IV's)! It's awesome to see him looking like, and acting like, a typical baby.

Jonah, you are our champion, and if these few weeks of your life are any indication of what you are capable of, the sky's the limit for you buddy!


  1. God Bless the three of you, may the next steps of your journey be completely filled with joy! I thank you again for sharing, every step of the way, so that we could all be more specific in our prayers and visualizations. Have a safe and beautiful trip home.

  2. am in tears with happiness as you prepare to go home. what an amazing blessing - the Davis family will be home together as a family!!! Enjoy these last hours in the hospital and rest while you can! Rob will have an honorary nursing degree after all of this huh? cant wait to see more pictures!

    All our love,
    Erica and Anika

  3. Just found your blog from and I wanted to come over and say 'hi'. I will add your family to my prayer list and keep checking up on your progress. Jonah sounds like he is doing great and on his way home real soon.

  4. I'm so happy for all of you :):):):)