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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Miracle on 95th St

Up at 4:45am, the day started with a torrential storm, however we still made good time to the hospital (on 95th Street).  Which was important cause we wanted to get there early enough so we could hold Jonah for a few minutes and see him off to surgery. Once we got to the surgical waiting room, it was wonderful to see our family there.

We got updates every hour and a half. Time went by fairly quickly. We took a lot of breaks, whether it was pumping, grabbing coffee, stepping outside, or hitting up the cafeteria. The most anxious hour was when we knew they were taking Jonah off the Heart and Lung Bypass machine, as this is when they restart the heart and see how these babies respond to the whole ordeal. Jonah did awesome! The surgery could not have gone better from what we were told. Afterwards, Dr. Ilbawi stopped by to tell how well he had done, but reminded us that the battle is only half over. The next 72 hrs are still very critical.

Everyone had warned us how different Jonah would look after surgery, and they were right. He is very puffy and the swelling will increase over the next 24 hours.  He is also hooked up to nearly triple as many tubes, IVs, monitors, medications and pumps compared to the NICU. Although we were warned, we were both overwhelmed when we finally got to see him.  We have so much to be thankful for. Jonah made it through surgery without complication, and among many other things, he has his own room with highly specialized nurses caring for him 24/7.

Mom and Dad are utterly exhausted. We actually can't define how we're feeling right now, so this post will be short tonight. Although we want to share a few pictures, we will give the same warning the doctors gave us. These pictures are what made the decision for surgery so very difficult, but we know this is what's required in order for Jonah to experience life.

First time holding Jonah since birth

New and improved Jonah
Proud parents

Dr. Ilbawi and team

Jonah's new room


  1. I am completely overwhelmed by your courage and strength during this time. I have read your entire blog, and can tell you that, with tear in eye, I can actually FEEL the love among your tiny family of three. Please know that Jonah is, and has been, in our daily thoughts and prayers. Thank you for sharing such a personal, private time with all of us. I know that the prayers and love generated from all of those who are touched by your experience, through this blog, will keep Jonah on the best path possible! Blessings for all, with much love, Cousin Janet

  2. Stacie and Rob

    Thank you so much for creating this blog so that we can keep current on Jonah's progress. I pray for all of you everyday. Jonah is absolutely precious! He has a very determined look on his face like a real fighter.
    What a beautiful family you are.

    I too know the joy of having an amazing husband so I enjoyed reading your post about Rob ( keep up the good work Rob Stacie is very special to a lot of people)

    Try to keep your positive energy flowing during this scary time and hang on to each other. Jonah will feel the love.

    If there is anything we can do we are just a phone call away.

    By the way did your mom mention to you that I went to Hillcrest Elementary School? I grew up about four blocks from your new home. We lived two blocks south of Dunham on the corner of Brookbank and Blanchard. I miss Downers it's a great town. Small world huh?
    Take care and God bless,
    Patti Sacco

  3. I'm so glad to hear things have gone as well as they can thus far--and I hope you both can get some much needed and well deserved sleep/rest as Jonah fights his way through recovery and home to you. It's been said before--but you are an inspiration to many. We never stop thinking of and praying for you.

  4. I'm a friend of Julie's and just wanted you to know that I've been praying for little Jonah. Your strength is incredible.

  5. We are VERY happy to know that Jonah is doing so well! The miracles just keep coming! The pictures are great. He is ABSOLUTELY precious!
    Hope you all are able to get some rest and decent sleep. Must be extremely hard for you. We are praying for Jonah and the whole family to stay strong. Stacie and Rob, we especially hold you up in prayer. Can't even imagine how difficult this is for you. Your strength and courage is inspiring! LOVE YOU ALL!!
    Aunt Patty and Uncle Jim

  6. We are so thankful to hear the update that everything was a great success in surgery! What a day that must have been waiting for each update. Thank God for amazing surgeons and nurses! We will be praying for Jonah's recovery to be smooth and fast. Love, Lori & Frank

  7. We were so glad to get all the positive updates from Jules yesterday. I am thrilled you got some time with Jonah before the surgery and even though he does look a little more "connected" now, it is thrilling to know that the first step of all of this is behind him. We are praying for all three of you and loving your little family.