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Monday, August 9, 2010

Keep on Truckin'

Somehow, somewhere Jonah must have read the rulebook on recovering from the Norwood procedure. He is doing absolutely wonderful!! We could not be more proud of the little guy! This afternoon after Jonah's chest closure was quite relaxing. We did not see Jonah's eyes open again as he fell "comfortably numb" into a sedated sleep. His nurse today told us that if problems were to arise after the chest closure they would have started to see signs immediately after the procedure. There were no alarms, no bells or whistles indicating that things were changing. Instead we listened to some music while sharing some pictures and dog stories with Jonah's nurse, Lana.

It has been such a joy watching the nurses grow more and more attached to Jonah as the days have gone by. They are just so good with him, so gentle. They have made us feel more confident at Jonah's bedside also. Now we are encouraged to touch him, we can tuck him into his little blanket and I was even able to rub some lotion into his scaly hands and feet today. It feels so good to be able to do something, anything for him during these days and weeks. Our hearts overflow with love for this little boy and we want more than anything for him to know that he is not going through this alone.

Each time we leave for the night, we say our prayers of thanks with Jonah for all of the days blessings. We feel a sense of peace walking out knowing that even though we are going home to rest, God is settling in to watch over Jonah, his doctors and his nurses.

Plan for tomorrow...tentatively:)
1. Stop Epinepherine infusion
2. Pull another central IV, the one in his left femoral artery (the other was already pulled out)
3. Remove 1 of 3 chest tubes
4. Feeding small drips of breastmilk through the NG tube
These are big moves!!


  1. Wonderful news! Congrats Jonah, Rob & Stacie. I'm so glad to see that everything is going so well for all of you. Please let me know if there's anything that we can do for you.


  2. Hi Stacie, Your blog happened to be up on a computer when I was working on 5B this weekend (which I'm not there that much anymore) - and that was the first that I had heard of your little boy. Wow - I can't imagine all of the emotions, decisions - heart-wrenching decisions, that you've had to make. You and your husband sound like you are doing a wonderful job and little Jonah does sound like a little rule follower. I pray that things continue to go well and that you will be well guided on this journey of not only being new parents, but new parents of a child with a special heart. Jessie B. (U of M)

  3. Stacie - I keep thinking about how we reap what we sow into this world. I saw firsthand all your incredible work with your little patients. You have sowed amazing seed in your profession and now those fruits are obviously coming back 10-fold with the nurses caring for your family in the midst of all of this. We continue our prayers for Jonah and all the wonderful steps ahead.


  4. Rob, Schwab and Jonah,
    Just caught up with all the posts and I'm so happy everything is going well. Jonah looks great and I've been saying my prayers for Johah and both you since Paul and Heather told me the news months ago. Schwab I'm glad to hear you're feeling better. I think this blog is a great idea and just want to say I'll be thinking and praying for the Davis family.