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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Stepping down and Stepping Out

What a difference a day makes!! Part of Jonah's plan of care today was to take a wagon ride. And that wagon escorted him to his new room on the 2nd floor step down unit.

Today, Jonah's chest X-ray looked crystal clear after having his chest tubes pulled yesterday. His electrolytes stabilized somewhat and we were able to discontinue one completely. His diuretics were changed to oral form and the frequency decreased. His Arterial line was pulled from his leg and he's been a pooping machine. His first dose of Coumadin was started last night. Tonight's dose will be a little less and they will check his first INR tomorrow morning. We will spend the next few days here getting this in an acceptable range as his Coumadin will likely get tweaked. He is still on a little bit of oxygen but they expect this at this point and as Jonah really expands his lungs it should no longer be needed either. Jonah very shakily stood up today for the first time in 6 days!!!! He couldn't do it on his own but he is otherwise moving around playing in bed as if his chest was never cut open! He will get there, he is determined to check out his new surroundings:)

Take a look at our beautiful home away from home...

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