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Monday, October 8, 2012

Day 7: The Good and The Bad

Good news: we are on the step down floor and are one step closer to going home.

Bad news: on the step down floor we are much more on our own and don't have the same care/help as we did on the PSHU. Mom and Dad are running on fumes and had the worst night's sleep yet of the week.

Good news: yesterday Jonah ate good bfast, lunch and dinner.

Bad news: today he has yet to eat as of 5pm.

Good news: echo and EKG looked good this morning.

Bad news: O2 is low (90) and is still on oxygen. Don't have a good explanation yet. Sats aren't much better with O2 and an experiment with Viagra didn't do much either. It is unknown if we will have to go home on oxygen.

Good news: he is generally feeling well and is interested in playing. Even took him to a play room where he took his first steps walking again.

Bad news: ALL he wants MILK. The fluid restriction is tougher than we thought. Only 27oz a day doesn't last long when he is so thirsty from all the diuretics. Last night was difficult for us to watch him incessantly cry for milk and there was nothing we could do.

Good news: electrolytes are improving and Jonah doesn't have to take as many meds.

Bad news: first trial of Coumadin overshot the INR target range of 1.8 - 2.2. INR was 4 this morning. Coumadin on hold until next INR test tomorrow. It could take a couple days to find the right dosage before we can go home.

Good news: Auntie 'Aga' Allison came by to save the day to keep Jonah, Mom and Dad company. Halloween arts and crafts were a big hit!

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