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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Hump Day

It's Wednesday. A full 48 hours from Jonah's Fontan surgery and it seems we have gotten over a huge hump in his recovery!!

Jonah had a really good evening and night last night. After allowing him to eat a little bit of applesauce and getting a better combination of pain control/mild sedation Jonah has been sweetly sleeping. Actually, sleeping more than obsessing over eating and drinking. It is such a relief!!!! It seriously seemed like his body was possessed. He was already very agitated to say the least but it seemed when we increased or bolused his IV pain meds he really went to the next level of irritable. Something like this'll be considered a paradoxical reaction to to those IV meds but- who knows?! We are trying to recall his Glenn and if the same response happened but the details are muddled.

From here on out the goal is to get the excess fluid out of his body. He has had roughly 1 liter of fluid out of his tiny 2 year old lungs!!!! Can you believe that?? He is peeing but in comparison to how much extra water weight he's carrying he still has a long way to go. His electrolytes are running only slightly below normal but this is par for the course because the diuretics take them all with it as he goes pee. Once he eats a little more he should be able to account for all those electrolytes himself.

Jonah's heart continues to stay strong!! We haven't done an echo yet to look at detailed heart function but everything else they monitor does not indicate there is anything to worry about. An EKG was done last night just to check what looked like a funky rhythm but even that showed normal sinus rhythm. What they saw was probably a result of a whopping cocktail of medication;-)

To all the Jonah fans out there--thank you for your continued love and support!! We are so grateful for each of you!! To our Lord, our Healer--thank you for bringing Jonah out of the darkness of recovery, and above all else, thank you for holding Jonah's heart in the palm of your hands and loving him like only You can do!!

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  1. Jonah is my hero. I am so happy to hear all of this! I can't wait to see that brave little boy again. God is so, so very good!