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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Celebrate Good Times

You know the feeling when you are really focusing on something or involved in a really stressful situation and realize when it's all over you have been holding your breath the whole time? Your shoulders are tense, your teeth are clenched. Then all at once you let it all go and...relax. What comes next is an unwinding state of peace and quiet. That is exactly what I felt today as I woke up in my own bed and continued on to have a wonderfully restful day with Jonah and Rob. I think we were all doing a little recovering today. From the moment we walked in the door last night through today I have been overwhelmed with a sense of relief, like a weight has been lifted, like I could breath easier. And I am not even the one who had open heart surgery for the second time.

Jonah slept through the night, about 10 hours straight. We were pretty anxious on how our first night home was going to go since Jonah didn't let his guard down the entire time we were in the hospital resulting in nothing but cat-naps. Even through Lasix diapers, Jonah slept soundly in his little bassinet where we thought he'd be the most comfortable with his head elevated. Today, Rob worked from home but mostly hung out with Jonah and I as we alternated between practicing on the bottle, naps, and some light playtime. We actually saw some smiles from Jonah today as the haze seems to have finally left his face. We have not needed to use the Phenobarbital for discomfort. Tylenol and lots of swaddling kept Jonah calm and content for the better part of the day. You could just feel the healing taking place! We peeled away a few of his dressings to see his chest tube site and IV insertions sites are clean and dry. Jonah's over color is still a mystery to us. I think every time I look at him it's a different shade of PINK...not blue! It's amazing!  Back to I write, this kid just woke up from a nice snooze and his chewing on his hands through some more smiles!  Glenn headaches...what??

Well, we know this is day 5 post surgery. We expect that anything can happen over the next 2 weeks. More Up's; more Down's. But it feels so good to take a deep breath and say a prayer of thanks that the worst is hopefully behind us. We feel so blessed!!!

1 hour before surgery

1 hour after surgery


Jonah's angel watching over him

A tangled mess - get me out of here Daddy!

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  1. WOW! incredible, awesome....such a blessing! sooooooooo happy for all of you. miracles continue, God bless.