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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Deja Vu'

Like Rob posted earlier, at times it seems like we have never left Hope. And now, as we have made our way to the step-down unit we have landed in the exact same room we were in after the Norwood. Talk about memories:)

That's right, we were kicked out of the nest (PSHU) around 1pm. Not without a little drama however. Before we left the charge nurse, Krista, came in to remove Jonah's arterial line in his groin. First off, this is not a pleasant place to have an IV with sutures and tape. Next, when Krista went to remove everything we found some really gross looking drainage around the catheter. Even worse was a pretty good sized blister that formed underneath the tubing. I was petrified that this was going to be a huge, as in a pressure ulcer. Although it was probably the beginning of one, thankfully it turned out to be very superficial and about a 1/2 inch away from the insertion site of the arterial line. The other good thing is that I think we caught it early. Not even 24 hours earlier Jonah had his first poop after surgery and the nurse and I changed the dressing at this site because it got a little dirty. At that time, nothing looked out of the ordinary.

The plan for tomorrow is to have an EKG & ECHO done to look at Jonah's heart function after the Glenn. We also want speech to come and work on the bottle with Jonah when he is "sober". I think we pulled a fast one on him after surgery and while he was on all of his sedation he didn't even realize what he was doing as he had a few good runs with the bottle. Today Jonah wasn't too interested and seemed to be reverting back to his old ways. Still, the little man is just over 72 hours from surgery. I know we still have to get over a few hurdles. The promising thing is that Jonah has proven he CAN do it. After that we really hope to be discharged. Everything else is checking out okay...BP's under control, extra fluid gone, plan to manage headaches...

Just wanted mention that we met a really great couple while we were admitted for this surgery. Their son, Franceso, just had his Norwood and is on the road to recovery. Please send up a prayer or two for him and his mom and dad. He's another strong fighter, and we are really cheering for him and his parents to get home soon!


  1. Doesn't it just amaze you how much faster things move after the Glenn? He is doing amazing and you are one step closer to home. It is funny because we always managed to get in the same rooms for the Norwood and the Glenn. Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers and sending up lots for Franceso and his family.

  2. Hey Rob and Stacie: Just wanted to say hi and let you know we are thinking about you guys all the time. So happy to see Jonah is doing well again this time around. Hang in there...lots of us in Mn thinking about you guys!
    Gina, Jeremy and family