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Friday, July 30, 2010

We're Here

Got the call around 7ish that we could come into the hospital between 9 and 10pm.  We showed up fashionably late, in classic Schwab fashion, at 10:20pm.  Luckily they were still cleaning and getting our room ready, so we didn't get into any trouble.

First, the nurse and resident checked Stacie's cervix, and, to our surprise, she is 2-3 centimeters dilated and 70% effaced.  This means she does NOT need the medication to help "open the door", instead Stacie is ready for the Pitocine (the hormone that induces labor).  In fact, she is already getting the Pitocine as I write this.  The dose starts low and they increase every 15-30 minutes until the contractions are 2-3 minutes a part and intensify. 

They are telling her she can get the epidural at any point now, but I think we are waiting until the Pitocine kicks in and she starts to feel moderate pain.  From a timing perspective, we feel like we just skipped a good 12 hrs as we were not planning on the induction process starting until tomorrow mid-late morning.  Instead of starting the induction process Friday morning, we could be in the middle of delivery.  The nurse says Pitocine effects everyone differently, making it unpredictable when labor will really start, but Dr. Davis predicts we could be in labor by 8-9am. 

The room is nice, it seems spacious and I have got a nice couch/cot thing that has some sheets and is actually quite comfy.  However, I don't think we will be sleeping much tonight (it's already 1:46am) since we have the nurse checking in every 15-20 minutes. 

I will try to keep the updates flowing, but the internet has been a little tricky here, so no promises. 


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  1. Jonah wants out! That is such exciting news. I work overnight tonight so I will be checking in and waiting to hear of beautiful baby boy's arrival. We are so excited for this new addition to your family!