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Friday, July 30, 2010

He's Here!

Wow.  That was indescribable.  Stacie did awesome - I love her so much.  Things moved really quickly since the last post.  The epidural again started to wear off on the right side and she struggled with the pain - luckily they gave her a little boost, but she was completely dilated and around 3:30 she was ready to push.  At 4:31, Jonah entered this world vocal and full of color.  The room was filled with doctors, residents, nurses - seemed like organized chaos.  As they cleaned Jonah up behind the curtain, we just waited to hear more crying - and every now and then Jonah obliged.  Meanwhile, they continued to work on Stacie for another 45 minutes or so as she did tear.  Finally they brought out Jonah all wrapped up, and we got to hold him for a couple minutes.  He's 6 pounds, 11 ounces.  We snapped a couple photos before Jonah was rushed to the NICU.

It seemed like forever to stitch Stacie back up, but by the time they were done Stacie was so exhausted she passed out and gave us a little scare.  They hooked her up on some oxygen and told us her vitals were fine.  Color eventually came back to her face and she regained consciousness.  Now she's just resting.  They gave her some food, but she doesn't have enough energy yet to eat.

It was an awesome day - and so far so good - it couldn't have gone any better.  Thanks again for all your thoughts, prayers and support.  We love you all!

Hopefully we'll get some updates on how Jonah's doing soon.


  1. Congratulations!!! You guys are awesome! Thanks for all the updates all day long. Get some well-deserved rest soon if you can.


  2. Welcome Jonah! We are so excited you are here!!!

  3. Congratulations! People everywhere have been praying for you three... we're so happy to hear the great news...


  4. Way to go Stacie (& Rob!!) I can't wait to see Jonah's picture. I have been excitedly checking your blog all day, thanks for keeping us updated Rob!
    Love, Lori & Frank

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  6. Oops! Changed my mind about what I wanted to post...Anyway, I just wanted to thank you, Stace and Rob, for letting me be part of Jonah's birth! You both were incredibly strong and worked as a great team to bring him into this world.

    I have see the two of you overcome many emotional hurdles over the last few months, and this is one hurdle you both soared over. Jonah is here now. You can breath easy for awhile as you wait to see what happens next. No matter what, both of you and Jonah are strong enough (with God by your side) to handle anything!

    Yay for Johna! He fought to get here! I know he'll fight to stay strong for his surgeries!