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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

T Minus 1 Day

Stacie has been going to Christ/Hope every Wednesdays for quite some time now, and this Wed was her last appointment.  We met with the fetal cardiologist, Dr. Cuneo, at 9am and had a fetal cardiac ultrasound to make sure all the valves and ducts are staying open (PFO and PDA).  Everything looked good, so on we went to meet with our Maternal Fetal Medicine (high-risk pregnancy specialists) team to determine how ready Stacie is for delivering Jonah.  We were hoping to simply walk in on Friday and get induced (giving us one more day), but Dr. Suarez told us her cervix is not ready and that she needs to come in on Thur night to receive a hormone that helps "open the door", as the Dr. would describe to me.  Obviously, they don't want to induce labor only to have the "door closed".  It's funny, all the doctors when speaking directly to Stacie use their fancy medical jargon, but then they turn to me and use simple metaphors and anologies.

Next step: the Labor and Delivery unit at Christ will call us at some point tomorrow and give us the time we should come in.  We are thinking 8pm-ish, but it could be earlier or later I suppose based on the # of beds/rooms available. we are starting to create a packing list and get organized:  get Sasha (pic below)  and her stuff situated, pay any mail/bills laying around, wrap up work, water plants, pick-up around the house, mow the lawn, organize iPods, call family, plan our Last Supper, etc.

Personally, I'm tired of waiting.  I'm ready.  But I know Stacie isn't quite mentally prepared to confront the road ahead of us just yet.  She knows Jonah is safe in her belly, and once he's out he's gonna be fighting for his life.  It's hard because for the last few months we have been so focused on the surgeries and what happens after, we have somewhat forgotten to prepare for the delivery process itself.  I believe the biggest factor helping us is that we don't feel alone.  We are so thankful to our friends and family - all your positive thoughts and prayers must be working, so keep it up!!

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  1. We love you guys and we are carrying all three of you in our hearts. It is hard to believe the day is almost here... We will see you (and Jonah!) soon!