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Monday, July 26, 2010


Co-authored :) We debated about even having a shower after learning about our son's diagnosis.  From April through June, we decided no shower.  For us it was hard to celebrate the unknown future of our son, so to receive gifts and throw a "party" with friends and family was the last thing we wanted to do. However, over time and as the due date approached, we became more accepting of the what lies ahead of us.  Plus, the more time we had to discuss our situation with our friends and family, the easier it was to open up and accept their support.

So the shower was scheduled for Sunday, July 25 - five days before the scheduled induction, and invitations went out to those near and far.  Minnesota represented well: Rob's mom, Paul, Heather, Evelyn and Buster and Dan, Shannon, Jordan, Gavin and Sam. The "locals" didn't disappoint either. It wasn't necessarily the "quiet weekend" that many couples might prefer on the eve of their first child, but that is not us.  We really enjoyed having everyone around us, enjoying the energy and laughter.  The girls drove down to the shower around 11am, while the boys began their own party.  3 guys, a 6 year old boy, twin 21 month old boys, and two dogs (Sasha and her boyfriend Buster).  Luckily we had a break from the humidity, so it was a perfect day to let the kids and dogs burn their energy outside.  After a couple cold beers, we took a walk down to the park.  The twins played on the jungle gym while Paul passed on to Jordan his expertise of catching butterflies.

Meanwhile, the shower was perfect. It was hosted by Stacie's Aunts with the help of her mom and sister. It was actually very refreshing to have everyone gathered in one place mingling, eating, and sharing in the exciting anticipation of our Jonah. Throughout the entire shower it felt like the focus was all about everything a new baby should be....sharing stories of what worked/what didn't for others babies and just being able to say out loud "I can't wait until Jonah does this...or plays with that...". The generosity of everyone's gifts, also their overflowing love and support, was so incredibly humbling.

Overall, we could not have imagined preparing for Jonah's arrival any other way. Our many THANKS go out to those who were able to start this celebration with us and all of those that could not make it but are standing by ready and waiting for the big day to come!

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