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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pre-Fontan Cath Tomorrow

Hello world,
You might be asking yourselves, just as we are, Uh...Fontan? What? Seriously, where has the time gone?? We say on almost a daily basis, "We need to post an update on the blog".  We are very bad bloggers and we apologize.  When we start what we think will be a quick post, it turns in to the process of what one could imagine writing an article for the New York Times or something. The amount of time we try to make everything perfect takes much longer for us than just putting our thoughts out there.  So tonight we are going to make this quick and skip the editing process.

We have so much to share to bring this blog up to speed.  The last post highlighted Jonah's walking progress.  I guess the next major milestone has been his speech.  He is quite the jibber-jabberer (crazy about singing) and we have loved watching/listening to him pick up new words each day. By the way, he has had his ABC's locked in for a few months now:) Health-wise he couldn't be better and we have been so blessed with our time between the Glenn and the Fontan.  Time. Has. Flown. By!

And now the Fontan is upon us.  Jonah has his cath tomorrow morning.  Just got the call today that he has a been moved up to be the first case tomorrow.  So instead of planning at being at the hospital at 9:30am, we have to be there at 6:30am.  Good and bad I suppose.  Worlds of emotions going through us as we try to pack up Jonah's essentials, an overnight bag (just in case), and make arrangements for our dog Sasha to stay with Stacie's sister.

It will be much harder this time around to let the doctors/nurses take him from us.  He is just so much bigger, more aware, than the last time we did could possibly be his worst nightmare...and I don't blame him because what could be worse for 23 month old little boy than having "white coats", who have poked and prodded him his whole life, drag him into a strange room where he will be without the two people who are always right there by his side.  Stacie has argued numerous times to let her go back with them until they sedate/gas him, but it doesn't sound like they will make an exception for even a fellow nurse.

Not only will we be anxious to get the cath over with, but we will also be anxious to get the results of the cath.  We know the results could mean anything.  They could find something that requires immediate intervention or maybe the surgery needs to be moved up.  Or they could find nothing and let us have more freedom scheduling the Fontan.  We just pray that whatever the results are, we will have Jonah back home with us tomorrow night.

For now, we must "Let Go, and Let God". If there is someone out there reading this tomorrow around 7:30am...please say a pray that we are reminded of this!!