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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Top 10

We seem to have taken an unofficial and totally unintentional break from Jonah's blog. Things have been going great and we've just been savoring every second we can with our happy and healthy little boy.  Because he's doing so well, we are finally able to get some things done that have been on hold for the past year.  Mainly, finishing some things around the house we never got to since we moved in a year ago.  Like unpacking boxes in the basement, painting, buying furniture, decorating, landscaping, etc.  But enough about us, we know you all want to hear how Jonah's doing.  Because it's been so long, we've condensed this post into a top 10 highlights over the last 2 months.

10.  Waving.  A wave and a smile is his go to move.  He'll wave at just about everyone, and 5 minutes later he'll wave 'hi' at you again.

9.  Clapping.  He knows when he's done something awesome and will not hesitate to applaud his own accomplishment.

8.  High Fives.  It's funny.  We worked on clapping for months, but he picked up high five in just a couple days.

7.  Feeding himself and more finger foods.  The boy loves puffs and cheerios.  If we have to do something we know will upset him, a puff or three is the perfect distraction.  We're also trying some new foods other than his pureed ensemble; like avocados, spaghetti and mac & cheese.

6.  Lots of new experiences.  Highlights include going to the zoo and swimming for the first time.   At the zoo, Jonah was more interested in all the people and other kids, than the animal exhibits.  I don't think he saw a single animal.  A tiger sleeping on a rock 100 yards away wasn't nearly as interesting as watching all the other kids.

5.  Drinks from a straw.  Jonah doesn't so much like the sippy cup, but he loves drinking water out of a straw.  And only water.  Don't try to fool him by putting that formula crap in there.

4.  No longer swaddled.  This happened practically overnight.  As he got stronger and stronger, the swaddle would easily come unwrapped while he slept.  He slept on his back swaddled for the first 8 months of his life, and then one night he just wouldn't go down swaddled.  So we gave up and just plopped him in his crib.  He then turned over on his stomach, brought his knees up underneath him with his butt sticking up in the air..and fell asleep.  Since then, that's his new sleeping position.

3.  Good 3 month cardiology check-up.  Stacie was quite a nervous wreck for this one, but it turned out everything checked-out.  We were able to take him off the Prevacid (Lansoprazole), and so far haven't seen any reflux symptoms.  The only medicines he's on now are Enalapril (blood pressure) and Vitamin D.

2.   Jonah's got teeth.  Two lower teeth popped up a couple weeks ago and at the moment he's got two upper teeth coming in.  He's been a little cranky here and there, and chewing on on every toy he's got is a must.

And finally...drum role please...the number 1 update you've all been waiting for...

1.  Crawling!  Yup, we can't believe it.  Jonah's therapist, Stacie and I were convinced he wouldn't be crawling until he was 1 at the earliest.  Just 3 weeks ago he wouldn't roll over from his back to his stomach.  But then just last week he decided he'd just skip the tummy time and go right to crawling.  It's a half crawl/half scoot, but in a couple days I'm sure he'll be crawling from one room to another.  And yes, the house has been mostly safety-proofed.  I say mostly because Jonah will be sure to help point out areas of the house I overlooked.

Well that wraps up our Top 10 Jonah Updates.  Thanks for checking in and we're sorry for not keeping the blog updated more frequently.