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Friday, June 1, 2012

Cath update #1

We made it! So...we got here this morning a little bit before 630am. I pretty much started sliding down the slippery slope of my emotions on the walk in from the parking lot. I am surprised the sweet lady that checked us in didn't call the psych ward to have me checked in:) After she told me a personal story about her own daughter, I was able to get a hold of myself and rest with the fact that, as always, God puts people in our path for a purpose.

Jonah's usual reaction to all things resembling the outside physical structure of a hospital or doctor's office began at pretty much the same time. He settled nicely with Rob of course. He continued to be upset pretty much through taking his weight and vital signs. He soaked his jammies (and Rob's shirt) pretty much right away so we quickly got him into his gown, got his "cool cars" and iPad out and he actually did really, really, REALLY well!!! Rob and I were prepared for a solid hour of uncontrollable crying but in true Jonah fashion he pulled up his bootstraps and handled the whole process like a champ!! His versed surprised me the most- I thought they would need to give him enough to take down a small elephant in order to pry him from our arms but he swallowed it easily and in what seemed like only a few minutes he was drunk as a skunk. We carried him to the cath room doors, he gave us both kisses with the silliest grin on his face and went in to the grips of the RN and MD to get this ball rolling. He cried out for "daddy" a couple of times but that was it. Barney, Blanket and his pacifier accompanied him to the table and the nurses assured us those buddies of his did not let him down:)

As I started this, I got a call from the nurse and Dr. Patel was able to get the appropriate access he needed on the first attempt"s"...plural-because they actually have to insert the catheter in two places in order to obtain all the data they need. In the groin and in the left arm. He goes in through the arm in order to get the most accurate info from above. Given the nature of Jonah's new anatomy, they are not able to fish all the way up from the bottom. We also were told they need to coil some collateral vessels around Jonah's super vena cava. These collateral vessels are completely expected and pretty much unavoidable. The body is always trying to compensate for the compromised blood flow to and from Jonah's heart. These collateral vessels are kind of like a little spider web or finger-like vessels that are very small but they can allow for increased blood flow/pressures to areas of the heart/lungs that the Dr's do not want. This intervention means we will need to spend the night here while Jonah is observed and gets some antibiotics. We knew this was a possibility but in our heart of hearts wanted nothing more than to leave this place in our dust tonight:( Good thing we brought reinforcements!!!

Stay tuned!

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