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Saturday, January 29, 2011


Quick post. Quick question.

First, I am wondering if there is anybody out there who would be willing to share what it has been like for their CHD baby getting the RSV antibody, Synagis??  Jonah has had his third injection (which is terrible because it is not just one, but two shots) and these really seem to take their toll on the little man. He is usually fine for a little while after getting the shots but then takes an ugly turn. He gets horribly irritable to the point of inconsolable, sometimes has an angry stomach resulting in either throwing up or blowing out. Hhhmm? Anybody else experience this??

Second, and way more pictures of our new baby!!


  1. Wow, he looks great - what a handsome little guy! You know, Bodie's had 2 doses of his Synagis so far (due for his 3rd next week), and he hasn't had any reactions to them yet. He screams during (he also has to get 2 shots due to weight), but is fine within a few minutes. Haven't noticed any reactions, yet at least.

  2. Awww, he's getting so big! :) Aly has had 2 so far this year (she has to get 2 shots every time too.. they are really great about it though because they call in another nurse and do them at the same time) but I've never noticed a reaction after a couple minutes?

  3. Poor little man. Have you asked the clinic or doc who gives them about adverse reactions. On quick glance, I see that vomiting can indicate an allergic reaction - I do not see the Synagis site stating such however. May be worth a call to the manufacturer and asking them a few questions.

    Zoe has received 4 shots (one in each leg) this season and, while inconsolable immediately following the shot, she calms afterwards. I haven't noticed any reactions.